Frequently Asked Questions
If you have not attended FBC Marshall before, here are some questions that are often asked...

Welcome! If this is your first exposure to FBC Marshall, we are an American Baptist Church that is focused on Living a Christ-Centered life together. We are a congregation full of broken, lost and searching people. We have included some questions that are commonly asked to provide you some background on our community:

  • What is it like? FBC has been around for 180 years! We have managed to keep our history alive, while trying to find ways to move forward without losing sight of why we gather...Jesus Christ!
  • What about my kids? We provide a nursery, but your children are invited to sit with you as well! We also have a Junior church during the service for those that are school aged up to 3rd grade.
  • Where do I park? There is parking on the street in front/on the side of the church. There is also parking across the street and behind the church.
  • What do I wear? Please feel free to come in jeans, shorts, or a three piece suit. We don't mind what you wear, just that you come and worship!