This church building is the oldest in the city of Marshall. It was erected on its current site in 1850-1851 with hand hewn thirty-inch oak timbers and walnut boards. Many of those original timbers are still a part of the church. Church members donated the labor. The cost of the original building was & 7,000.

The church has survived a fire back in 1874, and a lighting strike that destroyed the steeple back in 1912.

In 1998 the church began work to replace the steeple. It was to be the same design and configuration as the steeple on the church of 1874. Since there  were no design specifications or blueprints of the steeple, this was a difficult undertaking. Computer and scale models were constructed unit the octagon design could be replicated. On August 10, 1998 the steeple was completed in memory of one the former pastor of the church, Rev. Delmer Case.

Rich with history, Calvin Colegrove was baptized here in 1857, and is thought to be the first soldier from Michigan killed in the Civil War. Judge George Ingersoll, church clerk during the "Crosswhite Affair," interceded when slave owners attempted torecapture a runaway slave here in Marshall. The judge helped the slave escape, and served a short jail term for this effort.

The church has undergone many changes since 1851 and was recognized as a Historical Landmark and received a Historical Marker in August 1986. .

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