The mission of our church is to lead people of faith in Jesus Christ and to equip people to live as servants devoted to Jesus Christ and His church.

At First Baptist, we want to define and exercise mission outreach in a different way...reaching out to meet needs in our community and world, not just in order to bring people in, but because the love and grace of God compels us to do so. We want to meet needs for their own sake; because that's what Jesus taught.

So what does this look like at First Baptist Church? We have a number of ministries that reach out to those in need. We partner with various community ministries in various ways; some financial, some with our time and energy, and with some we  partner for special events, services, or projects. Some of these ministries include the Calhoun County Jail, Safe Place, Youth Haven Ranch, Friendship House, Habitat for Humanity, and Marshall Area Community Service (MACS). We work together with the American Baptist Churches of Michigan  to partner with other American Baptist congregations, in order to support various mission outreach is not "just talk," but is rather our way to  engage our "faith in action."

First Baptist Church uses our church committees to carry out ministry to tangible and powerful ways. Please see our contact us for more information on church committees and to explore ways that you can get involved.

We Support three missionary families that go and share Jesus in the countries of South Africa, Europe, and Hungary.

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